who we are

Joey and Bat Sanctuary is a registered wildlife rehabilitation shelter located in Heidelberg Heights in suburban Melbourne which is run by Julie Malherbe and assisted by her husband Francois.

Julie has always been passionate about caring for animals and after emigrating from South Africa in 2011, decided to become actively involved caring for native wildlife.

Starting as a rescuer and foster carer under the guidance of Macloud Animal Shelter early in 2012, Julie quickly became one of the most active rescuers for Wildlife Victoria

In 2013, Julie's request to become a registered wildlife rehabilitation shelter was authorised by the Victoria State Government and JABS became a reality.

Julie is currently the vice president of The Wildlife Rescuers, a dedicated group of volunteers with the same goal and ideals as JABS.


Who we are and what we do in a video clip

Our Mission

JABS provides care and rehabilitation for injured and orphaned native wildlife - particularly Marsupials and Bats. 

Please note that JABS is registered as a private wildlife rehabilitation shelter and is not open to the public.

 JABS does not have the approval from the state department governing wildlife to display our wildlife to the public.

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