JABS Melbourne exists to provide care for injured and orphaned
Joeys and Bats


With urban sprawl and the expansion of our suburban environments, we're constantly encroaching on bushland which has been the home of our native wildlife - kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, possums, echidna, koala, flying foxes, micro bats and other native species are all having to deal with less and less living space.
Where wildlife used to be able to spread out in their bushland, urbanisation is resulting in constantly decreasing native bush and is creating pockets of wildlife.
As animals move out of those pockets, they come into contact with people and with vehicles - usually with catastrophic and tragic results for the wildlife.

This site will introduce you to JABS Melbourne and link you to some of our stories about some of the people and some of the wildlife we have been lucky enough to help.


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Baby Wombat

Baby Wombat


Find out about our mission, our methods, our partners and helpers and the results of our care.

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Juvenile Flying Foxes

Juvenile Flying Foxes

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