Thank You  !!
You contributions are greatly appreciated.

We are humbled by the generosity of the community around us - people who choose to donate their time, money and knowledge to our sanctuary. It is actually difficult to convey just how much we appreciate it.

Our charges - the orphans and sick wildlife that we care for - benefit directly from your generosity and any thanks that we could offer pales in comparison to the simple fact that your donations mean that we can improve our care.

WOW - we received another significant donation

Every now and then, we receive a significant donation that leaves us feeling indebted and we find it quite difficult to just say ‘thank you’ and move on - we feel that we need to acknowledge and shout about the deed and how our wildlife will benefit.
However, we have found that people who donate to our sanctuary aren’t looking for accolades or awards - they are simply helping us to help the wildlife we all care about so much.

The words ‘Thank You’ seem quite inadequate in light of some donations received - please know however that every animal that we have in care has a better chance of successful rehabilitation because of your actions.

Funds donated by INDIVIDUALS :

Thank you to the following people who have donated funds directly to JABS :

A Hutchins
C & I Faull
D & D Bernsten
D Logan
D Marais
E Hocart
E Morris
G Linsell
G Proud
G Sawyer
H Adam-Smith
I Dierich


J Hay
J McCabe
J Morris
J Scott
K Cochran
K Perks
K Prentice
K Severi
K Skinner
L Bonds
L Gott
L Kaminsky

L Ponsonby-Slaviero
M Davidson
M Scott
N Taylor
P & P Phillips
R Biggins
R Polites
R Wilson
S Connolly
S Terry
T Obrien